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Flückiger & Braunschweiler
Sägereimaschinen AG

Haltestelle 170
CH-4955 Gondiswil/BE

Tel. +41 [0]62 959 59 40
 +41 [0]62 959 59 49


The old becomes the new ...

For us, the term “reconditioned“ machine is not just a marketing tool but also a guarantee for a “new” machine at an unbeatable price. We make sure that the unit is completely dismantled, cleaned and then overhauled. All defective, worn parts are repaired or replaced and the machines and systems are brought up-to-date with the latest technology. This includes new electronic drivers. Subsequent delivery and reassembly is, of course, included in this service.

Example general overhaul 1 [before-during-after]


Example general overhaul 2 [before-during-after]


Example general overhaul 3 [before-during-after]